1. Why is my garage door so loud ?​

There are many reasons your garage door is making noise, but the most common is age and your garage doors chains, pulleys, springs and other moving parts may also need a garage door tune up. Your garage should be inspected to prevent you from being stuck in or outside! We recommend getting routine maintenance once per year to ensure your garage door is operating safely and at top performance.​

2. My garage door won't open, what is wrong ?​

If your garage door won't open, there could be several issues causing this. We can resolve most issues the same day and get your garage door operating smoothly again. It's important to have your garage door system evaluated by a professional to ensure the problem gets repaired properly and safe.

3. Do you have replacement parts for any garage door system ?​

Yes, we have replacement parts for most garage doors and operators. Please call us to come and do a free assessment, as depending on the age and manufacturer of the door, parts may not be available anymore.

4. What is included in a maintenance visit ?​

We perform a multi-point inspection of the door and all parts. We also tighten all hinge screws and lag bolts. We lubricate all moving parts on the door and operator. We make any necessary adjustments to travel, motor force, or safety sensors. Once complete, we run the system several times and check for a smoother operation.

5. What Do I Do if I Hit My Garage Door With My Car ?​

If you have backed into your garage door call us right away to assess the damage. All Pro Garage Doors can help figure out if your garage doors can be fixed through a simple repair or if you need a full replacement. ​

6. How Much Will It Cost to Install a New Garage Door ?​

There are many factors that will determine cost of a new garage door. First, we need to determine the size of your garage door.

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